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American Embassy: Condemns American Movie Trailer For Killings And Acts Of War Perpetrated By Muslims

Barack Obama’s U.S. Embassy APOLOGIZED to these barbarians

Once again, we see the ugly face of Liberalism on display. The scolding of America, coming from an American embassy, for their speech regarding Muhammad and Islam.  No doubt this came from a liberal, who loose no opportunity to malign America, regardless of the circumstance.

What needed to be done was harsh reprimand and condemnation for the attacks on American soil and the murder of Americans.  In this nation, we have (what’s left) of free speech, unfettered and (supposedly) uncontrolled by government entities.

We make movies depicting the assassination of a sitting President, George W Bush and not a whisper of condemnation from Liberal Democrats.  We have a cross put in a vile of urine in protest to ‘Christianity’ and silence from the Left.  But let Muslims (continue to) commit murder and Liberals at quick to condemn — America.  Just as they did after Sept. 11th.


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