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Black “Political Bigot” Rails Against Black Conservatives As “Human Props” For Having Principled Stand Against Voter Fraud

“Racism” has become a term used as a battering ram by political bigots, to attack the innocent – that’s also called cowardice and ignorance.

Black conservatives are one of the rotten legs supporting the racist stool that is the Tea Party GOP,” pronounced Daily Kos blogger Chauncey DeVega. Like many leftists, he can see their lack of outrage over a requirement of a photo ID to vote as exactly akin to supporting the “chains and bondage” of slavery.

“It is part of a bargain which they have made,” the Kosmonaut lectured. “For many, it is a lucrative hustle that pays the bills and brings the marginally talented an outsized amount of attention and exposure. This makes their choice to stand mute, or in some cases to serve as the human props and political blackface mask in support of efforts to demobilize African American voters, no less contemptible.”
Black conservatives who stand silent on these matters, or commit the civic sin of supporting the disenfranchisement of black and brown folks (as well as the poor), demonstrate that they too are slaves to the psychic wages of Whiteness..” more liberal “hate speech” found:  here

And once again, the Liberal manta of “tolerance” and “open mindedness”, falls into the historical gutter of political debit.   DeVega is a closed minded, intolerant, political bigot.  Unfortunately, they’re way too many of his biased and ignorant mindset.

Why does believe that all blacks must tote along the same political line of loyalty and bondage to the Socialist Democrat party?  Aren’t black Americans not allowed to be “fee” thinkers?  Are they not allowed to assess ideas and come to their own conclusions?  Must they all simply upchuck and repeat the usual liberal plantation rhetoric?

Liberals are rarely ‘inclusive’ nor accepting of “black conservatives”.  How sad they continually malign and belittle their “brothers” and “sisters” for because they believe in conservative principles.  But it’s not surprising.  There’s ample hate and vitriol purging forth from the Left, who aren’t capable reasoned discussion.  They “deem” conservative black Americans as: non black, whitey pretenders and Oreo’s who’ve sold their soul to the plantation owner.  When the truth lies closer to home — liberalism keeps blacks ‘in their place’ on the Democrat controlled slavery plantation, where free will and free thought are chained to the back of the bus.

If anyone is “disenfranchised”, it’s the black, brown and white voters who’s votes are nullified by voter fraud.  And Chauncey DeVega is the typical liberal ’empty chair’ wailing and ranting racist rhetoric because he has nothing useful nor accurate to contribute.



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