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Well Paid Chicago Teachers Union Votes To Strike And Exposes Their Greedy Underbelly

Thousands of public school teachers formed picket lines in Chicago on Monday and parents scrambled for child care during their first strike in a quarter century over reforms sought by Mayor Rahm Emanuel and endorsed by President Barack Obama’s administration” More of their greedy story: here

This is obscene.  And a prime example of the selfish, greedy Union member.

Public (governemnt) school teachers work for the taxpayer. When they go on strike (which should be illegal if it’s not) they’re hitting the very people who pay their salaries.  Chicago teachers are also among the highest paid teachers in the country, generally making over $75,000 a year.  In my math, that’s darn good money — but evidently not enough for union members.

Chicago, which is almost always run and controlled by Democrats, is in a bad financial situation, struggling for cash and jobs as so much of the country is under Democrats leadership  And all that was asked of these greedy teachers was a smaller price hike – not even a cut, and they voted 90% to strike.  So much for being concerned about the children.  These are also the same kids who tests scores are some of the worst in a nation of failing test scores.

Unions are outdated.  They’re nothing more than mafia employing tactic groups.  The ones in the public sector, those working for governemnt and being paid by taxpayers, have no right to strike just to full fill their greedy, financial desires.

All these striking teachers should all be fired and replaced with non union teacher.  Someone has to tell the union blackmailers NO.  Unfortunately, the good people of Chicago keep electing Democrats and end up in the same crooked hole decade after decade.  I suppose they’re getting what they deserve — but are their children?

**Update: 09/11/12  And the whining continues with the typical distortions and intentional misrepresentation.

There is no “war on teachers by American politicians” — only politicians, taxpayers and America citizens unwilling and unable to keep funding the deep pockets of Unions and teachers who see taxpayer funded salaries as a never ending ‘golden goose’.  Unions and it’s members who refuse to take a %10 increase and greedily demanded more, more and more of what doesn’t exist.

Chicago teachers, try educating and successfully graduation intelligent, well informed students before lining your deepening pockets.  We can all ‘equally’ suffer.  Isn’t that what Obama has ask?

4 comments on “Well Paid Chicago Teachers Union Votes To Strike And Exposes Their Greedy Underbelly

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  4. Ali smith
    September 12, 2012

    I find it funny that everyone talks about taxpayers that the Chicago teachers are demanding money from. Here is a quick lesson in Chicago employment requirements – all city employees must live in the City of Chicago (there are some exemptions for teachers but they have specific areas he or she must be teaching in order to be exempt). Also just because a number is thrown out does not mean that it is correct. If journalist started to do their jobs they can actually view the salaries for teachers on the CPS website. The 74,000 number is actually an average throughout CPS (this includes principals, assistant principals, central office workers, etc) and include pension and medical cost. I just want to remind you that if your employer covers a portion of your medical coverage you get this same benefit. If your employer matches your 401k, that is similar our pension. When take out these numbers, teachers take home about 50,000 a year.


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