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Michelle Antoinette Obama: “Let Them Eat Cake” Or Nothing… Whatever

Michelle Obama, Queen for the Day Year and our Self Appointed Food Czar, is sending out email requests for a little more ‘sacrifice’ from Americans… or illegals, whoever, so that more money can be donated to little Barack.    (Read more here)

Notice to all you fat, greedy Obama supporters: Give up that family night out dinner and send the bucks to Obama.  

How pathetic is that?  With so many people struggling under Obama’s socialist policies, millions more are out of work and doing without, and even losing, what they previously had – like homes – and she wants more sacrifice.  Are the Obama’s that important to American’s economy?  Or just to themselves.

Could Michelle not have given up a lobster dinner and donated that money to her poor, struggling spouse?  We know for a fact, that there is no lobster dinner safe from her jaws, on two continents!  Or maybe if Michelle hadn’t gone on those uber expensive vacations, she and little Barack could muster up a few dimes to get him reelected?  He is now worth millions — can he not reach into his own pocket?

In any case, this takes a lot of gall, which the Obama’s are not short on.  Asking Americans to keep sacrificing to give to them – when the truth is, it should be the OTHER WAY AROUND.

They’re not King and Queen; these people are simply ‘out of touch’ interlopers greedily grabbing all they can for themselves. At our expense.


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