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Evidence: Even Obamaites Are Seeing The Failed Barack Obama

I made a trip to a Walmart today.  A polite young black woman (this has relevance) checked me out.  She started the conversation in the usual manor but in a moment she spoke about rising grocery prices, which we both agreed had really become bad.  That moved on to gasoline prices, salary and much more – as I said, she was leading the conversation.

Then she finally said the magic words “I know a lot of people who aren’t voting for Obama again… I don’t think he’s done anything, do you?”

This is where I said, “Yes, I think he’s done a lot, but his policies haven’t been good policies”.  Rather surprisingly to me, she was actually listening to what I said.  I continued with a very fast, mini explanation of capitalism and teaching kids the cost of living.

In between she said, “…. but Romney (I was impressed she knew who Obama’s opponent was, and I don’t mean that sarcastically) wants to take away Food Stamps”.

I calmly and quickly told her, “No, he couldn’t do that anyway (.. yada yada yada- capitalism explained) …. what he wants to do, is make more jobs available so more people can have jobs or find a better job…. and not be forced to use Food Stamps“.

She said, “well, I agree with that!”


I don’t know that I made any difference, there’s not ample line in a check out line to give good economic/ capitalist/ conservative lessons to the most eager minds — but I was encouraged that she was open to facts, having obviously been feed anti- Romney propaganda.

She won’t be voting for Obama and from what she said, many if not most of the people she knows won’t be.  I just wish there were a more accurate and direct way of reaching more people like her – a working, struggling young mother, who is open to some honest discussion about Barack Hussein Obama.

This is very positive information and information that falls in conjunction with what I’ve been hearing and feeling.  Obama is on his way out — this won’t be a close election.


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