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Were Democrats Politicians Invoking Fascist Tactics At The Convention?

Fascism raised its ugly head at the DNC
DNC staffers at Radio Row will book leading Democrats for slots on conservative stations but then cancel the appearances an hour or so before broadcast “because you’re not our audience.”

Roger Hedgecock, a former mayor of San Diego now hosting a nationally syndicated talk show, decided to pack up and leave Charlotte early because “we were blocked from getting any guests that mattered. It was a complete freeze.

Larry O’Connor of Breitbart Radio told me, “It was the most bizarre act of censorship. These shows paid large fees and spent thousands on equipment setup and they couldn’t do their programs because of interference.”   here

I don’t even have to imagine how the ‘tolerant’ Leftist media would sequel madly with discontent, had this happened at the Republican Convention.  That would have  been made ‘headlines news’ for the entire week, since fortunately for the liberal media, that small storm Issac wasn’t nearly severe enough to bring the Convention to a halt.  Though we must give the media their due, they tried their best to make it a worthy distraction.

Democrats are true fascist.  They try to avoid any media they consider to be right leaning or even moderate, so afraid are they of being ask ‘hard’ questions like, “Are Obama’s policies working for American’s seeking job?”  These elite politicians would pompously deem that sort of question as racist and begin their regurgitation of DNC talking points, as did Sen. Chuck Schumer on Fox News Chanel.

There were few interviews given to ‘talk radio’ — this is part of politicians attempt to ignore and stifle those who they willingly consider their “enemy”: the American public.   And don’t be fooled, talk radio and the new media, is more of an enemy to liberal politicians than al Qaeda, in their warped minds.

The saying is that “you have to dance with the one that brung’ya”.  And that’s what Obama has been doing almost 4 years……  playing nicey- nice with the radial Left because, after all, that’s who he is. 

But come this November, little Barack is going to find himself dancing pretty much alone.  His tensile has fallen off and his drone- like- followers aren’t simply seeing an exposed tin man, but one made of  Paper-mâché.  The ‘messiah attire’ has vanished. 

Of course, had these drone followers chosen to look behind the spotlight Obama placed on himself back in 2008, they could have made a wise decision instead of being forced to live with their unforgivable mistake.  And regrettably, the rest of America is forced to pay along with them.



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