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More Evidence: Liberal Aren’t Just Morons — They’re Foolish Riddled Communist Morons

Radio talk show host Peter Schiff interviews Democrats at Convention who say that corporate profits should be banned:

“We should have corporate losses,” one woman at the convention told Schiff.

“You actually want to force corporations to lose money?” he asked the woman. “Yeah, I think so,” she said.

Schiff went to the convention posing as an anti-business liberal to see how far some Democrats were willing to go.

Time and again, convention attendees agreed that a law should be passed banning profits or placing a cap on what corporations can make.

“I don’t think one person should be able to make, like, 100 million dollars in one year, and just keep all that money,” he said to one woman who nodded as he spoke.  “I tend to agree with you,” the woman said.

One woman told Schiff she would support “anything” Obama wants to do.

“I would support anything my president wants to do,” she told Schiff.

“Anything?” he asked.

“Anything,” she responded.  here

I won’t go into a lengthy explanation as to how and why capitalism works and is the ONLY system that works (Obama is evidence enough that socialist, redistribution doesn’t ‘work’) because anyone reading this is more likely than not – not an moronic idiot.

The people interviewed in the video at the Democrat Abortion Palooza the other day, are certifiable idiots.  I would love to see these people go through 4 weeks without capitalism and evil profits: no cell phones, no grocery stores stocked ceiling high with food and gadgets; no electricity nor running water and no cable TV.  Why should anyone go into business if  they can’t make a profit, not to simply sustain life, but make it better?!

I don’t want to live in a waste land like Afghanistan but I suggest to these mental midgets that they buy (capitalism) a one way ticket to Afghanistan and move right in.  Be sure to let us know how it works out for you when you can afforded food, shelter and a stamp…. all to be accomplished with none of that nasty “profit” you loath people to have.

We don’t need to suffer fools.  


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