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Cardinal Dolan Prays At The “Abortion Palooza” Democrat Convention To Hords Of Abortion Lovers

Cardinal Timothy Dolan closed out the DNC convention Thursday night with a benediction asking for protection of the unborn, a bold move in an arena full of people who celebrated what has been described as “abortion palooza” all week in Charlotte. Not to mention, the Democratic Party adopted a platform that promotes taxpayer funded abortion and abortion at any time, in any place, for any reason this week. President of NARAL Nancy Keenan even called for abortion to be viewed as an act of dignity during her speech Tuesday. here

Poor man.  Those words fell on ears covered by their own self interest.  Ears clogged with the the abortionist scalpel; ears that tingle with delight at every aborted child, as if a sacrifice to their own embittered, liberal souls.

This pathetic convention was the liberals ‘sacrament’ to sex, abortion, prerequisite behavior, the denouncement of God and Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol.  Boos filled the arena as the Obama mandate to return their one reference to ‘God’ back in the Democrat platform — only because of the tremendous public backlash at Obama’s removing that one word. 

But never fear, there were cheers of celebration with each lie told by Obama and his drones.  Although, none for God and His glory nor His magnificent creation of each individual life.

It’s so sad, so deplorable to see this great nation led down the path of condemnation by one Political Party, which has set itself against everything we once held dear and once held as godly values.

I feel badly that the Cardinal even prayed in front of these people.  I believe he should have declined, instead of giving the DNC a form of endorsement.  But that decision will be between him and God where it belongs.


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  1. Sembawang Bolo
    September 7, 2012

    Frau, in other words, the DNC convention was a triumphant success.


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