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Abortion Snivelers Continue To Whine, Lie And Copulate Without Considering Responsibility

Aisha Tyler displaying her immoral outlook and tacky display of womanhood

At a Planned Parenthood rally, actress and Planned Parenthood board member Aisha Tyler told a crowd of supporters that Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney‘s positions shows he does not actually love women.

“Planned Parenthood is not just about abortion.  That is just what the other side wants to tell you. It’s not just about abortion. It is about women’s lives and our health and about women being able to be the architects of their own destiny — (because of their own irresponsible actions)

“That is why I take it incredibly personally when someone like Mitt Romney says that he wants to defund Planned Parenthood,” she said.  —

“If you love women — then if you want to do things like make abortion illegal even in cases of rape or incest, if you want to make it difficult for women to get access to birth control, if you want to make sure that medical insurance does not cover birth control,  — if you want to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act (which is anything but affordable)— You do not love women.”
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A simple question to Aisha Tyler — who “loves” women more:  The females who want the act of abortion paid for by someone’s else money, right up to the day of deliver — Or  — human beings like Mitt Romney and millions of other Americans (both men and women), who would like to see more of those future “women”  have the chance to live their lives before being aborted?  Who is really ‘protecting’ women?!

This is the same squawking rhetoric that’s been dribbling from these yammering feminazi’s for years.  It’s old; it’s worn out; it’s tiring and it’s full of lies.

What this yammering Liberal is clamoring for is free- government- paid- for- via- taxpayer money abortions, birth control and anything else these silly feminazi’s desire.  Heck, if we’re going to be forced to pay for all of that, we might as well throw in that after copulation cigarette.  What’s another few million or so?

Are these “women” capable of doing anything for themselves?  Do they have any responsibly for not getting ‘knocked up’ if they don’t want the kockee?  Can they consider perhaps paying the $9 a month for birth control pills or those little rubber raincoats?  How about making your copulating male friends pay for a few things since he’s already sampling the goods?  Have a “bring your own condom” date night.  Offer a ‘two for one’ if he throws in a couple hundred for an abortion.

Grow up. 

If these females refuse to take responsibly for themselves then they can live with the consequence like any adult must do.  But I’m sickened by the whining from these sniveling females wanting everyone else to pay for their party — and after party consequences.

PP is the largest abortion provider in the country.  And the majority of American taxpayers do not wish their tax money go to abortion clinics.  Therefore, Pres. Romney would be on the right side of this argument, to halt taxpayer money from going to PP. 

And actress Ms Tyler can donate HER salary to pay for these irresponsible women’s party favors.  And while she’s considering all of that, for goodness sakes, take up a collection so you don’t have to flop around in public more naked than not.  You’re not a good example of womanhood — more like a ‘working woman’ in that pathetic getup.



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