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The “Historic” Barack Obama Unable To Fill Charlotte’s Stadium For 2012: The Thrill Is Gone

Republicans reacted to the news that President Obama’s acceptance speech at the Democratic National Committee on Thursday is being moved away from the large Bank of America stadium to a smaller indoor venue because of the weather by questioning whether it’s really because the Democrats are worried about attendance.

Kukowski argued that “the Democrats continue to downgrade convention events due to lack of enthusiasm.”   Read more Democrat excuses: here

Yes, unfortunately for Barack’s tremendously inflated ego, the Obama thrill is gone.  The poor Democrats and their operatives were unable to fill the stadium.  Not even by paying people to appear for his latest show.  An omen?

Maybe they’re too busy occupying someone’s front yard or parking lot?

Possibly unable to afford gasoline prices or risk being groped by Obama’s out of control TSA agents?

Perhaps some illegal has gotten a job they were seeking or they’re just feeling ‘hope’lessly depressed from all this ‘change’?

Maybe it had something to do with dumping God and all support of Israel from their platform?

But how many folks were just downright afraid of being swamped and swarmed by feminazi’s grabbing condoms and looking for “free” birth control and abortions (maybe they should ask their partners to put in a few bucks for these festive activities)?

Let’s not kid ourselves — nor listen to the lying Democrats.  The real reason has little to nothing to do with weather.  If they had the people, they’d move forward with the stadium.

But for whatever the reason, The Obama Rerun Show of 2012 is not being well received.  An omen indeed.



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