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MO And Mo’ Lies: Michelle O’s Twittering Fantasy

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This would be amazing were it not so expected.

Barack Obama’s middle name, if not Hussein, would be “Division”.

He’s all about spurning Republicans (as his history proves.  And remember how he called Tea Party participants the vile slur, “teabaggers”) and all about working with Democrats (which is all he’s done).  Not one time has little Barack worked with the Republican Congress to come up with one bill, one law, one idea.  He’s given them a scowl and cold look.

Let me be clear.  I believe in partisanship – when your partisan for the correct ideas for America, when they revolve around moral and ethical ideology. But if you’re a Democrat, if you’re part of these socialist democrats, then have the character to admit you’re stand for a radical agenda – instead of lying about the other side.

Obama continues to divide America between the haves and the ‘haves no so much’; the “rich” and less rich and poorer.  He uses skin color as a battering ram, carried out by his Attorney General, Eric “black panther” Holder.  He rants against former Pres. Bush as if he, little Barack has NO responsibility for the last 4 miserable years and calls everyone opposing his extreme, anti-American agenda “racist” and “liars”.

Michelle Obama as all liberal, chooses to live in a world of her own creation.  In her case, it’s upstairs in the White House – an ivory tower contrived of willful deceit,  and one which she will soon be leaving.


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