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Democrats Want To Force All Of America To Pay For Their Sex- Change Operations

In an academic article published last year, contraception advocate Sandra Fluke made the case that private health insurers should be required to pay for sex change operations.

Fluke has become a vocal surrogate of the Democratic Party and is scheduled to address the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., Wednesday night.”  Read more flukiness: here

Sandra Fluke is one of the Democrats newest operatives and clamorous proponents for government- paid- sexual- activates (I’m sure she morns the fact she couldn’t have been a Clinton intern, but perhaps it’s not too late).

This is a silly, self absorbed woman.  Over thirty years old and still wandering around a Catholic college campus instead of working.  And make no mistake, Fluke chose to attend a religious school whose very bi-laws layout the premise that they don’t pay for abortions and other forms of birth controls — and therein lies the reason she chose the Georgetown.

The Democrats made it appear Fluke spoke before Congress just a few months back — when she was only at a Democrat held news conference, set up to appear she was in Congress.  Deception is the Democrat bylaw.

In any case, she spoke at the Democrat Convention to push their radical liberal agenda that government/ aka taxpayers, pay for her birth control ($10 month), abortions and other prerequisite desires of a 30 yr old college student.  She (Democrats) also wants to force insurance companies to pay for SEX CHANGE OPERATION… and here’s the crux of the problem.

IF we were allowed to pay for the insurance & health care we wanted – meaning a single man didn’t have to pay for maternity care nor a woman for prostrate exams, insurance could and would be cheaper.  But that’s not part of the Liberal agenda.  Just as Liberals will tell us how much salt we should use, how much sugar we’re allowed, or not allowed to consume and that McDonald’s is never acceptable… they mandate what a private insurance company must pay for.  And therefore, insurance cost continue to sky rocket, as they have in California where the state forces companies to pay for everything or not do business in that state.

Democrats are always railing that they want “government out of their bedrooms” out of one side of their mouths — and from the other side of their mouths, propagate the idea that government mandate what companies (which means everyone of us) must pay for their sexual activities.

Fluke is not just willing socialist mouthpieces (no pun intended) – she’s a co-conspirator in all that’s going wrong with America: liberalism.


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