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Democrats Abortion Festival Continues In Charlotte

Republicans took a lot of heat for their official platform on abortion, which opposed the procedure without including exceptions for cases of rape, incest or life of the mother.

But Democrats are now drawing criticism for their own no-exceptions policy.

The official Democratic platform, which was adopted Tuesday, supports a woman’s “right” to an abortion in virtually any case. The language in the platform does not include exceptions for partial-birth abortions or other kinds of late-term abortions, nor does it say taxpayer money should not be dedicated for the procedure.”   Read more: here

The Democrat Party is dead; long live the Radical Socialist Party.

Truly, this isn’t a Party which could have much in common with the majority of Americans.  They fall at the feet of abortion, as a holy and wholly sacrament to themselves.

They denounce traditional, ‘normal’ marriage as something extreme and ‘out of touch’.

They have adoration for homosexuality, transgender and cross over whatever, as if it were another ‘dream act’.

I find it all very distasteful, extreme and ungodly.  Which it is, especially in light of the fact that the Democrats have dropped ALL references to God from their national platform.  Need anything else be said.



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