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Alec Baldwin: ‘If Obama Was White, He’d Be Up By 17 Points’

……. liberal actor Alec Baldwin has returned to Twitter to make a truly preposterous claim about how racism is negatively impacting Barack Obama’s reelection chances:

Taking to his Alec Baldwin Foundation Twitter account, Baldwin wrote that President Obama would have a commanding lead if he wasn’t black.

“If Obama was white, he’d be up by 17 points,” Baldwin tweeted.

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And how is that?  Wasn’t it Americans — a majority of whom are white people, who put this socialist loving black man in office in 2008?  Have they all abandoned the country and moved abroad?  Granted, many have fled the extreme taxes in both California and New York, but they’ve moved to red states who  don’t hate them and punish success.

Rush Limbaugh is correct.  If Obama were white he’d be down 17 points.  The only thing keeping this failure (supposedly) running even with any Republican, is his and the Democrats constant playing of the race card — just like Baldwin is doing.

So, tell us Alec — where have all his supporters gone?

Maybe Alec should contain his tirades to his daughter’s phone conservations or just shut up until he can make some authentic sense.  That would keep him quiet for decades.


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