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Sex, Drugs, Occupiers, Bed Bugs — All Part Of The Democrat Convention In Charlotte

There are things that go bump in the night in Occupy emcampments, and this week’s anti-capitalist gathering in North Carolina’s largest city is no exception.

Protesters will castigate Democratic National Convention organizers and attendees for not being liberal enough.  Speaking confidentially to The Daily Caller, anarchists associated with the Occupy Wall Street movement confirmed that once the sun sets, the drugs emerge from hiding and the free love begins.

TheDC heard numerous stories of sex- and drug-fueled fun on Sunday. One activist offered two Daily Caller reporters marijuana during an interview. (They politely declined.)

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Who didn’t know that when Democrats are ‘occupying’ any city,  that sex, drugs  bed bugs (here)and chaos must be close behind!  This is the Party of Bill Clinton, after all.  Little Barack is just the current interloper.

Party down, guys!  I’m sure no one will notice…. !


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