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Photo ID Required At DNC Convention — But Not To Vote!

Blaze Reporter Required To Show ID Three Times To Enter DNC Convention

How’s this for irony: Democratic convention organizers are requiring journalists applying for press credentials to display their state-issued ID not once, not twice, but three times.

The stringent ID rules for journalists at the Democrat Party‘s convention seem a bit odd considering the party’s broad, alarmist stance on voter ID laws. The ID laws have drawn harsh criticism from the liberal establishment, including Vice President Joe Biden who has called the practice “voter suppression” and MSNBC hosts who’ve called the laws “racist” and “a GOP conspiracy.”

But for some reason, ID rules aren’t racist when it comes to security at the Democrat National Convention.

Here are the three times photo ID’s were required”   here

Obviously Democrats are more frightened of their constituents and voters– or just support VOTER FRAUD.



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