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Mao Tse Michelle Seeking New Term As ‘Food Czar’ For The Kiddies

Many PARADE (Sunday mag) readers asked (Michelle Obama), what do you hope to accomplish in your second term?” As if Mrs. Obama is elected to a “term”? Or is a co-president?

“With ‘Lets Move!,’ our goal is to end the problem of childhood obesity in a generation,” Mrs. Obama said. “And while we’ve seen some very profound cultural shifts, we still have communities that don’t have access to affordable and healthy foods. We still need to find a way to impact the nature of food in grocery stores, in terms of sugar, fat, and salt.

Parade didn’t ask if that “impact” would be voluntary or forced by regulations.”  Read more: here

I wonder if beets and rice are #1 on Ms. O’s “must eat list”?

Mao tse MO might not be able to accomplish all she longs for, but given time (which fortunately she won’t have) could she mandate our grocery stores show more compliance with her liberal agenda? Such as: Nein to donuts!  Nein to sugary treats!  Niet to hamburgers and hotdogs… and those pesky fries!!

Our busy body First Lady might have an inkling of concern for those little anonymous fat kids, but please, there is no “epidemic”. The “obesity epidemic” is just another liberal based term for ‘crisis”  and we know Democrats “never want to let a serious crisis to go to waste”.

She’s already had a summit to intimidate grocery store and restaurants owners into her vision of culinary nirvana last year.  Why can’t they be sufficient?  Is there still a stray shaker of salt roaming the countryside?  A Krispy Kreme not yet squashed?

Enough is enough.

I like my unelected First Lady’s to play the part of being seen and no so much heard.  Especially when they carrying around the bat of ‘good intentions’ waiting for the opportunity to persuade the minions to their personal bidding.

Leave my grocery stores along!  Get out of McDonald’s!  If you don’t like it — avoid them.  But don’t continue to force your agenda on a nation of free individuals.


One comment on “Mao Tse Michelle Seeking New Term As ‘Food Czar’ For The Kiddies

  1. Sembawang Bolo
    September 6, 2012

    MOO-chelle’s new food czar slogan: “YOU DIDN’T EAT THAT!”


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