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Chris Matthews And His Salvific Adoration And Historical Idolization Of Barack Hussein Obama

Christian eschatology sees Jesus Christ as the central, salvific figure of all of human history. So it’s perhaps blasphemously fitting that MSNBC’s Chris Matthews sees his messiah as the object of all of American history.

“President Obama is the product of our turbulent history, all that came before led to him,” Matthews insisted in the closing portion of his “Barack Obama: Making History” documentary that aired at 10 p.m. Eastern on Monday. As such, Obama “needs to continue making history,” for “the moment he becomes just another incumbent president, bogged down in the status quo, he will lose something vital since we first met him: his historic self.”
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“All that came before him…”  which encompasses a lot of history.  How far is Matthews reaching back — to the beginning?

Of course, our little Barack Obama hasn’t been involved in that much “turbulence” unless there are things going on behind closed doors of the dormitory in the White House, that we’re not (yet) privy too.  But even Barack would surely admit he served in no Army, fought no battles and shed no blood.  Unless, like I say, there are things going on upstairs….

The only thing “historic” about Barack was that he was the first 1/2 black President.  Most of America was able to move past that after his first 90 days in office — if not before.  His polices and biased rhetoric could be considered “historic”, as it’s extremely difficult if not impossible, to recall a previous President so consumed with dividing a nation by class, sex, income and skin tone.  At least not one in this country.

Minions and drones swooned over little Barack Obama.  For the most part, those people are now living on food stamps (something Barack is proud of), WIC and extended unemployment.  That is, those who aren’t camped out at one of the Occupy debacles burning flags and leaving ‘dropping’ on police cars.

And our dependable, moonbattery, ‘thrill running up (and down) his leg’ – Chris Matthews will continue to live in a world of his own creation.  Idolizing Barack Hussein Obama because of his historic achievement of being another failed Democrat politician.  Will wonders never cease?

But in Matthews defense, I’m sure he’s seeing himself snuggled down in Chicago next to his historic ‘man of wonder’, dissecting whatever successful Republican is in their wake.


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