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Krya Sedgwick aka Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson Talks About “Red States” In America

Krya Sedgwick said Friday that “people who live in New York and Los Angeles, they have a narrower view of the way people behave, of what’s important to people.”

(“The Closer” was not popular in LA and New York.  Sedgwick response:)

SEDGWICK: I think because we were just never thought of as a cool, hip show, and I also think that people underestimated the greatness of the show because it was a procedural, and I think that TNT is just more popular in the red states. I don’t really know why, but I love that. That makes me so happy. I mean, that just makes me so happy. They are so middle of the country that I feel like New York and Los Angeles, like, we ignore it. But, they are…

SMILEY: I’m glad you said that because I wanted to ask, and I will, what you think that says about the industry.

SEDGWICK: I think that, you know, we have a narrow view, I really do. I think that people who live in New York and Los Angeles they have a narrower view of the way people behave, of what’s important to people – I hope I don’t get in trouble for saying this, but what the hell – of, you know, of the, of race, of acceptance of, you know, of, you know, abortion and women’s rights. I mean,

I think that there’s a swath, there’s a giant, you know, there’s a huge difference between what people politically believe and what interests people in Los Angeles and what interests people in New York, and what they believe politically. It’s just very different, and I think to ignore that is really cutting yourself out of a huge part of your population that I feel, I don’t know, I feel they’re under-represented, and I think that was the great thing about [her Closer character] Brenda Leigh”. Read more: here

Let me be clear:  I LOVED LOVE “The Closer”.  And I mean love, liked not only did I watch every episode since it began in ’05 but I love watching the reruns.  It was a fantastic ‘dramady’ with a terrific cast — but Kyra made the show.  She made the character of Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson and gave the show sparkle and overwhelming enthusiasm.  She made an endearing character and along the way, one of the best TV shows ever.

That said, I’ve always been concerned about her speaking publicly on politics… and sounding like so many angry, conservative hating Liberal/ Democrats.  (moan)  I didn’t want to hear her ‘anti-conservative rant’ and think, wow, she’s just another leftist idiot.

Honestly, I’m not sure what she was saying, because she was speaking so evasively.  Most likely with good reason.  If she expressed any understanding or empathy for what the Liberals call “radical” and “extreme” conservative points of view, she’d be hounded and maligned by those same people.  And it could permanently harm her career (yes, we know it does).

So I’ll give her 3 stars!  She didn’t bash the ‘red states’; she didn’t make any grandiose, leftist political statement on abortion or gay married.  I’m not sure where she stands — AND THAT’S GREAT. 

I and most Americans, do not want to know how every Hollywood star and starlet wannabe, feels about abortion and that gay marriage is better than Gucci shoes.  We don’t care that they love liberal ideology, Occupy Wall Street (deadbeats and malcontents if you ask me), that they think America is racist by design, that Barack is their man and to say a word about him is “racist” when coming from any ‘red state’, hobbit dweller.  Honestly, we like a actors to shut up. 

When they don’t and go off the rails, railing at us, the people who pay to watch them on big and little screens… we can find them hard to like them any more.  Jason Biggs,   Samuel L Jackson, Ashley Judd, the DIXIE CHICKS and the long list of others — we want to enjoy what we see you do: act or sing.  We don’t want to be preached to by the likes of some pompous, indulged actors.  After all, it’s not brain surgery or rocket science – it’s PLAY ACTING.  If you want more ‘relevance’ in your life, go back to college and get a career like teaching .  But don’t drop all your political thoughts on top of our heads.  We’ll drop you, and your career, in the dumpster.


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