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Up Next: The Democrat Convention’s Assault On Charlotte, North Carolina

The Democrat’s Convention meets next week.  Historically, this is where the Adams family meet Deliverance, to pound well prepared propaganda into our collective heads.

Their theme, as with most theme’s of years past, will revolve around — no child shall be left un-aborted:   Lilly Ledbetter,  Nancy Keenan, head of NARAL Pro-Choice America; Caroline Kennedy and actress Eva Longoria — all liberal, aborting loving women.  Topping their list is the self- aggrandizing, “non political” 30 plus year old ‘college student’, who’s always looking for free birth control, Sandra Fluke.

Spell binding commentary’s no doubt.  Who does want to listen to feminazi’s?

The speakers will be pontificating the evils of Republicans, who are perpetually portrayed as sneaking into our bathrooms to steal our birth control pills and physically force every female of breeding age to reproduce. The Democrats evidently believe this will be ‘good cover’ for their lack of ability to say, as Mitt Romney pointed out, “Are you better off today, than you were 4 years ago?”.

Very little has improved with that man at the helm, except his bank account.

Democrats have avoided talking about the  economy, unless they’re blaming Bush, the Post Office and even a tsunamis.  Obama is too busy with fund raisers to be bothered with day to day, boring activities like forming policies that will help… and not hurt Americans.

A Leader leads; a ‘leader from behind’ blames and accept no personal responsibility. And he does continually drab credit from others.

Democrats can’t point to the success of their policies – this “recovery” is as bad as the recession they claim is over.  Our growing unemployment, is still growing.  Obama can’t brag about that  below 8% unemployment he promised  – were he elected.  And he won’t be bragging on his expanded government and enormous growing debt, which will soon hit $16 trillion.

Maybe he’ll boast about the millions more of Americans on food stamps?  The billions of dollars wasted, given to “green” companies that have closed their doors, leaving taxpayers with their debt?

The only contribution Democrats have made to the economy are the million dollar party’s they’ve held in Las Vegas and Hawaii — most taxpayer funded party favors for the greedy of spirit.

They’ll be adding to Charlotte’s economy.  Most likely the Democrats, if holding true to coursed, will party down at strip joints, girlie bars and other attractions which will impress their beloved Billy “the philandering” Clinton.  After all, what is good convention for, if not to spend other peoples money on copulation oriented activities?  I believe that’s a quote from either Bill Clinton or a Kennedy.

If the Democrat conventioneers are extremely fortunate, Michelle Obama will grace the stage with another performance and remind us all that ” for the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country”…  which will again, remind us of why we’re not proud of her.  Seriously, has this woman never heard of (Republican) Abraham Lincoln?  The Civil War? Martin Luther King? World Wars I and II?

Her pride still seems a bit self serving.  But why shouldn’t it be.  That defines the Obama’s.


4 comments on “Up Next: The Democrat Convention’s Assault On Charlotte, North Carolina

  1. Sembawang Bolo
    August 31, 2012

    Great shoops, Frau!


  2. Jim Zee
    August 31, 2012

    I won’t waste a single minute of my time listening to the odious effluvium emanating from the bowels of the DNC’s diseased psychotic baby murderers.


    • Sembawang Bolo
      August 31, 2012

      Jim, true, but there’s always that tidbit of schadenfreude in watching a bunch of poseurs dig their own graves.


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