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Twit Jehmu Green’s Twitter Comment About Rubio’s Father

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I suppose we should feel sorry for the bitter liberals…. when they know they’re not only on the “wrong side of history”, but also on the wrong side of ‘politically correct’.  One of the deities they worship.

Macro Rubio’s family was fleeing the on coming assault of a Cuban communist regime (much like the one Obama dreams of imposing on America) to LEGALLY move to America.  Too much fact for the biased, bigoted mind to overcome, I suppose.

But I would be curious if ole Jehmu would be willing to “self deport” back to Africa where I’m sure she claims her (cold) soul resides?  Would she find that amusing… an interesting Tweet? Dang, I bet I’ve done it again! — sounded like the typical Democrat.


One comment on “Twit Jehmu Green’s Twitter Comment About Rubio’s Father

  1. Sembawang Bolo
    September 1, 2012

    Jehmu, Jahmu, Shamu… whatevah. You’re still a race-baitin’ hatemonger.


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