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Romney Will Get To Hurricane Damaged Louisiana Before Little Barack

When the week began, and the Republican National Convention bore the unfortunate burden (again) of coinciding with a hurricane near New Orleans, some thought that it was inevitable that President Barack Obama would upstage challenger Mitt Romney–not by campaigning, but by visiting areas affected by the storm, quietly reminding voters that he is still President, and drawing an implicit comparison with George W. Bush.

Yet somehow Obama spent the week campaigning, at rallies and online, while Romney, who only yesterday accepted his party’s nomination for the job, has beaten Obama to the scene, and will visit hurricane-ravaged communities in Louisiana today, the Hill reports. Obama had all week to visit affected areas, but did not–and the media let him off the hook. (Apparently hurricanes are only policy failures if Republicans are in power.)”   here

Poor little Barack.  Beat yet, once again.

Personal, I don’t care if any President ever visits an area of the country hit by some disaster.  What really is the purpose?  To try to prove how compassionate you are — and get in the way of honest recovery?  It’s silly, but something politicians seem to find mandatory, to a public devoted to superficiality.

What I do care about is a Leader ready to do what the Federal government can, to lend assistance to the state involved.  Most seem willing and able to do that.  At least the ones who aren’t bitter partisans and who live to “divide and control” according to politics… and maybe skin tone (and no, I’m not referred to Pres. Bush, to which there was no evidence of a racist bone in his body).

I understand Romney going.  No doubt he was told he needed to.

Obama is going due to political pressure and for the ‘sake of appearances’.  I’m sure the “crowds” will be as phony as his devotion to American values.  No doubt their will be amply media to flood his foot steps with wilting flowers and tossed kisses.  But it’s all just as unnecessary has Obama has been to the presidency.

They should both go about their business and simply do the usual ‘I care’ abbreviated speech and post the phone numbers of Red Cross.   Then Obama can get back to his beloved fund raising and golf.

** UPDATE: 11:52 am  It appears our little Barack, who was scheduled to land in Texas today (for a …. you guessed it, Fund Raiser) switched his plans to go to… you got it — Louisianan.  Likely he’s horrified Romney will get there first!


One comment on “Romney Will Get To Hurricane Damaged Louisiana Before Little Barack

  1. Sembawang Bolo
    September 1, 2012

    It’s amazing, and overwhelming, how much this great leader cares about the suffering, dying masses in hurricane-stricken Louisiana. I’m sure it required great sacrifice on his part to pull himself away from his busy propaganda schedule to deign even bothering scheduling a photo-op of phony compassion and concern — even to lower himself to show up in a state where no doubt he ultimately wished would have been utterly destroyed and disintegrated because it won’t show up in his column come election day. If it wasn’t for the fact the Mittens beat him to the punch, he definitely wouldn’t even concern himself over any of it. A perfect example of everything Bush was ever accused of.


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