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Hilary Clinton Will Be Avoiding The Democrat Convention For Two Well Defined Reasons

 Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, as a sitting administration official, does not have any role at the Democratic National Convention next week in Charlotte. But she seems to gone out of her way to avoid the festivities, as she is traveling this week and next to the Cook Islands, Indonesia, China, Timor-Leste, Brunei, and Russia.

“The Cook Islands this year are the hosts of one of the most important institutions of the Pacific called the Pacific Island Forum,” a senior State Department official said Thursday. “It’s a group that meets yearly with a number of working groups. It’s been in existence almost half a century; it’s very significant.”   here

And thus, Charlotte can breath a sign of relief.  They’ll be spared hurricane Hilary.

The main reason she’ll be avoiding Charlotte is her immense desire to elude as much direct contact with two men:  Barack Hussein and Billy “the philander”.  She understands that Obama is going to lose.  She also understands that Billy is a loser.  What better reason to find attention and fulfillment elsewhere.

2 comments on “Hilary Clinton Will Be Avoiding The Democrat Convention For Two Well Defined Reasons

  1. Jim Zee
    August 31, 2012

    There may be some hot Lesbian focus groups demanding the former First Lady’s attention during this ‘important summit’. I think the ghost of Eleanor Roosevelt is the guest speaker, and she’ll be using a holographic ouija board instead of a prompter.


    • RightyPunditry
      August 31, 2012

      Very good point! And who doesn’t want to be haunted by a Roosevelt… I wonder of the spirits of all the woman Billy accosted haunt her too? Maybe the ouija board is the only one that knows for sure.


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