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Who Exactly Was Trotting Out Out A “Brown Face” Mr Mayor?

DEMOCRAT CAMPAIGN POSTER FROM 1866 Then, they were bragging about Republicans supporting the “negro”

Florida Republican Rep. Allen West slammed Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa on Thursday for saying Republicans think they can “just trot out a brown face” and make inroads into the Hispanic voting bloc.

“It’s reprehensible,” West told a gaggle of reporters. “So I guess if you’re a brown face and you’re a Democrat it’s acceptable. If you’re a brown face and you’re not a Democrat, you get castigated as a token [minority].”

“We don’t need that,” West said.
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I’m sure Mayor Villaraigosa was duly upset.  He knows it’s only the Democrats who are allowed to “trot out a brown face” for the sake of propaganda.  They bought those rights to use “brown face” back in 1920’s or so.  That was about the same time they hooked up forces with Margaret Sanger and her abortion scheme to “end the black race” (doubters can read here)... and those “brown faces”.

Therefore, all  those “brown faces” which weren’t aborted, would be taught that ‘only Democrats “care” about “brown faces”.  We call that propaganda.  A bigger word of ‘lies’.

Ever since, the Democrats have used “brown faces” to stay in office but using those well worn lies, propaganda and lack of intelligent education to teach ALL Americans that self reliance is the only road to success.  That’s something socialist Democrats don’t ever support.  They believe in Papa and Mama Government.

Propaganda is the only thing keep the (Socialist) Democrat Party alive


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