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Chris Matthews And Newt Gingrich: Racism – Republicans – And Genocide In The Democrat Party

On Monday’s Hardball, he’s at it again — this time with Newt Gingrich. Bad idea. Gingrich points out that Matthews is assuming political discussions about food stamps refer to African Americans. Isn’t that racist thinking?

MATTHEWS: You can laugh about it, but you don’t think you’ve used it in the past? What’s a food stamp president?

GINGRICH: A food stamp president is a guy whose policies are so destructive, that he creates the longest unemployment since the Great Depression and he puts more people on food stamps, most of them white, than anybody else. Why do you assume food stamp refers to black? What kind of racist thinking do you have? Wait a second! Why aren’t you being a racist because you assume it refers to black?”   more Matthews bias and the video: here

The ‘Party of Death’ is still, and most probably always will be, consumed with: sex, abortion and racism.  Rarely will you find a Liberal who doesn’t covertly find racism hiding behind anyone who isn’t a devoted deputy of liberalism.

This is particular peculiar when you understand the facts: that it’s the Democrat Party which was for keeping slaves and slavery for as long as possible.  Just as it openly embraced abortion with Margaret Sanger’s genocide ideology – abortion could be used to ‘wipe out black people’.

Here’s Chris Matthews once again, trying desperately to connect “racism” where there is none.  It would be shameful except Matthews has no shame – just biased propaganda.

Little Barack and the Democrats have bragged that Obama is the “Food Stamp President”, declaring it’s because he “cares” about people.  If Obama really cared, he’d have policies to grow the economy.  Not ones that punish bussiness.  He’s want people to find work, care for themselves sand their family – not dependent for a few dollars from governemnt.

But silly Chris contorts himself into a pretzel to say Republicans are using more ‘secretive’ racist terms.  What a fool, preaching his bigotry to other fools.  Lets hope enough people aren’t the fool he believes they are. Especially since most people on Food Stamps are, white people, Chris.  Do some fact checking?

Still don’t want to believe racism and racist hate resides within the Democrat Party – listen to this black American, Johnathan Tremaine, explain the truth:


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