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Actor Samuel L Jackson Tweets A Semi- Apology For Saying He Wanted Republicans To Die

Well, my my.  I suppose Jackson’s agent informed him that Republicans go to movies too  (and according to Liberal propaganda, we have much more money to spend!)

I’m just not ‘feel’n’ the apology so it won’t be accepted… and neither will my hard- earned- Obama- depression dollars be spent on Jackson movies. I like voting with bucks.

I’m sure we’ll both do fine.

I know he’s probably disappointed that death and destruction didn’t hit Tampa and that thousand of people, including a number of Republicans, weren’t killed;  but this is the problem with hurricanes.  Few can be controlled.

But unlike hurricane Issac, the massive destruction that Hurricane Barack Hussein Obama has brought on America we can be controlled and removed in November.

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2 comments on “Actor Samuel L Jackson Tweets A Semi- Apology For Saying He Wanted Republicans To Die

  1. Jean
    August 29, 2012

    I liked Juan when Fox first hired him, but as time goes on, he has become more angry. The capper was tonight when he made the stupid remark about Ann Romney. I believe it’s time for Fox to let him (and Bob Beckel) to be given the pink slip.


    • RightyPunditry
      August 29, 2012

      I don’t understand the “fair and balance” – I want facts , honesty, which we never seem to get from liberals! Juan was pathetic and petty. Had Michelle O made that same speech I would have said “humm, good, I liked that” (without liking her liberal busybody ways). Beck should have been fired some time ago, I completely agree. thank you for the comment


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