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The “Uncivil” Rude and Hate Filled Chris Matthews Continues His Silly Assault Against Romney

After four years of playing the race card, accusing the Tea Party of being racist, accusing Americans of not liking President Obama because of his skin color, etc. MSNBC host Chris Matthews absolutely lost it this morning in a discussion with RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. Matthews continually accused Priebus of playing the race card and linking President Obama to “foreign influences.”

Matthews also took issue with Mitt Romney’s joke about a birth certificate, saying the birth certificate issue was never an issue except for the “right wing.” Flashback for Matthews, the birther issue was started by Democratic Hillary Clinton supporters.  here

Chris Matthews, one of the loudest political bigots in the country, certainly isn’t an “embarrassment to his Party” – this is the typical, out of kilter, over the top, hate filled rhetoric the Democrats always mire themselves in.  Quite proudly too.  Incapable or unable to ever civilly discuss issues involving Republicans, or mohammad forbid, a Conservatives, time and again Matthews regurgitates the lies he’s fed by the DNC, the White House and every Liberal Twitting twit around.

He’s a fool. And a fool with only half a dozen people who continue to watch his childish, unprofessional antics.

He’s also continues to be starved for attention, which his uncivil and hateful discourse, usually brings.

Watch if you will, but have your Pepto- Bismol handy.


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