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Barack Obama’s Typical Hard Day – An Interview With Glamor Magazine

Mirror mirror on the wall – I’m the fairness of them all

Editor-in-Chief Cindi Leive flew to Portland, Ore., last month to sit down with the president for an interview that will appear in the magazine’s November issue. It is not the first time Obama has sat down with Glamour — he did so in 2008, along with John McCain — but it is his first time as a sitting president. …  here

How delightful.  The country is literally in dire straights, and Obama has a coffee clutch with Glamor.  Needless to say, not to many intriguing, hard hitting questions coming from that magazine – which is precisely what “the One” prefers.

Nothing so mundane as asking what happened to the below 8% unemployment he promised.  Not “What happened to drilling in the Gulf to lower the price of oil?” nor “Why have you forced so many coal companies to close their door?”.  Just “boxers or briefs” (as we remember the silly ‘old’ media asked Billy “the philander” Clinton.

Maybe something along the lines of “Where’s the next vacation going to be!?”

How’s that Mt Rushmore thing coming along, Barack?

The King and his subjects


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