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Real Journalism In U.K.: Obama Campaign “Joyless Slog” Of 2012

Obama in 2009 when he was successfully fooling America

Low blows, lower turnouts and low expectations: Four years after he was swept to victory, how Obama’s election campaign is a joyless slog .

Barack Obama was swept to the White House in 2008 by a wave of idealism and inspirational campaigning in which he encapsulated the mood of the nation with his slogans of ‘Hope’, ‘Change’ and ‘Yes we can’.

Then, his message was a fundamentally positive one. Americans wanted an end to the Bush era but that almost went without saying. Obama pointed to his own vision of the country; a post-partisan, post-racial America in which gridlock in Washington was ended and common-sense centrist solutions were adopted.
What a difference four years makes. Obama is campaigning ferociously for a second term – and he is a candidate who would have probably have been disdained by the Obama of 2008.”   Read more unbiased brilliance: here

What are Obama’s plans for economic growth in America? What are his policies for Israel?  Iran?  Where’s that under 8% unemployment he promised?  The job growth (which, by the way, brings in increased revenue to the Federal government)? Gasoline was around $1.70 a gallon when he took office in January 2009 – now it’s over $4 a gallon in much of the country. What is his energy plan to cutting increasing fuel cost? 

What kind of platform is he running on?  What is his “vision” for the next 4 years?

Who knows.  They haven’t been mentioned.  All Obama and his goons are doing are using false, personal attacks on Romney, Ryan and any Republican in their path.  His platform is “he’s worse than I am”.

Obama is an angry man.  It’s just begun to show the last two years as his ‘messiah’ label worn through his thin- skin and the real Barack emerged.  Hope and change morphed into his predictable polices of doom and gloom.

Obama in 2012 when America has seen through his fake facade

2 comments on “Real Journalism In U.K.: Obama Campaign “Joyless Slog” Of 2012

  1. Sembawang Bolo
    August 25, 2012

    To say it’s a “joyless slog” is an understatement. The Misery Index really needs to be dusted off and set up again as a gauge and reminder just how bad it really is. Jimmah Cahtah was really, really bad, but I think he’s happier now knowing there is someone a helluva lot worse than he was (and still is).


    • RightyPunditry
      August 25, 2012

      Indeed is does. But the Repubs are gutless and the old soviet style news media, would never.


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