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Here’s To The Downgraded, Late Grate Planet Pluto!

Once a glorious, well adjust Planet, it was 6 year ago this very day that little Pluto was downgrade (or bullied) into becoming a “dwarf planet” (please note the politician correctness of calling our Pluto a “dwarf” plant and not a  midget).

Let’s all raise a toast, or two, to our beloved Pluto, in remembrance of the late great Planet.

But don’t forget to spit out’the side of our mouths, for those lowly scoundrel that demoted him… it, in the first place.

One comment on “Here’s To The Downgraded, Late Grate Planet Pluto!

  1. Chintia Nabilah
    February 10, 2013

    PLUTO terlupakan :(


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