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“Disgraced” Democrat Kerry Gauthier ‘Rest Stop Encounter’ Not So Gracefuly To Media

A Minnesota Democrat who had a rest-stop sexual encounter with a 17-year-old boy said Wednesday he’s still running for re-election, defying party leaders who urged him to drop out as they battle to regain control of the state Legislature.

Rep. Kerry Gauthier, 56, told Northland’s NewsCenter in Duluth that he will let people in his district decide his political future, “rather than the political power base in St. Paul.

Gauthier told the news network he is “a better person than this incident portrayed me.”  here

I’ve heard very, very little about this Democrat who was caught having oral sex at a “rest stop” with a 17 year old male.  The media has been too busy covering, recovering and re- recovering the story of the “extreme”, “disgraceful” Republican Todd Akin who is a open, pro- let’s- not- kill- that baby Congressman, who hasn’t been caught doing anything illegal or immoral.  So, he must be destroyed by the ‘old’ news press, which is the vast entirety of the news in American.

The ‘old’ media loves “disgraced Democrats” – just ask Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, Barney Frank,  Marion Barry, Al Sharpton… oh my, the list is long.  But you get the picture.

The only real “disgrace” the ‘old’ media, Liberals and Democrats find to be disgraceful, is any Republican not fully supporting the notion that a woman has a right to kill her own, unborn human life…. on a whim.  Then, it’s a big disgraceful deal. 

He is “a better person than the incident portrayed” him – yeah, so is Republican TODD AKIN.

2 comments on ““Disgraced” Democrat Kerry Gauthier ‘Rest Stop Encounter’ Not So Gracefuly To Media

  1. justturnright
    August 24, 2012

    Agreed, RP.
    It’s not a level playing field, and never will be until the old dinosaur media finally, inevitably dies. Until then, the “Akin” stories will persist, and stories such as Gauthier will be swept under the rug or simply ignored.
    Heck, just look at the four moderators who were just chosen for the debates. This isn’t a fair fight, and never has been.

    And yet, Romney/Ryan WILL still win. The country, other than the diehard Obama fanclub, has had enough. And I’m going to get a supersized tub of popcorn to enjoy while I watch it happen.


  2. RightyPunditry
    August 24, 2012

    I completely agree and a reason I find such pleasure it commenting on their political based and outlandish hypocrisy. As do I believe R/R will likely win in a landslide. I just pray conservatives take the Senate and keep Romney leaning right.


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