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Boston’s Hampshire College Offers Illegals Scholarships

A small private liberal arts college in Western Massachusetts has announced the establishment of a scholarship fund dedicated to helping illegal immigrants get degrees.

The scholarship will provide more than $25,000 each year to help an illegal immigrant pay for the $43,000-plus tuition at Hampshire College in Amherst.

A professor (who holds classed in “Occupy Wall Street”, Feminism and a few other progressive propaganda based nonsense) was inspired to create the fund following a student’s senior project on the Development, Relief, Education for Alien Minors act, which would allow some illegal immigrants to achieve U.S. citizenship by getting college degrees or by serving in the military.  here

The other day both Sec. Hillary Clinton and Sec. Janet Napolitano refused to report back to a House Investigation Committee’s inquiry, as to whether these newest illegals who were given blanket amnesty by Obama’s illegal Executive Order, is factual.  But this close to an election, I’m sure neither of these liberals want to go on record saying ‘yes’ or are leery of committing perjury.  But if this is true, millions of newly deemed illegals will be granted all kinds of government provide entitlements.

Free entitlements for illegals who will be eligible for Food Stamps, Welfare and a list other other liberal entitlements, as well as, in-state tuition discounts in some states –  and now a college offering scholarship.  Scholarship which are designed not to be offered to legal immigrants nor citizens.

It might be that Americans will need to legally give up their country’s citizenship, to have access to all that Democrats want to offer for free, to illegals.  At taxpayers expense.  Of course, if you’re the ‘right kind’ of illegal, you’d still be able to vote.

3 comments on “Boston’s Hampshire College Offers Illegals Scholarships

  1. Diana
    April 1, 2013

    Haters gon’ hate! Undocumented immigrants deserve financial aid in higher education. Here is another poorly written, uninformed article…

    1. Hampshire College is not in Boston (or New Hampshire). It’s in Amherst, MA.

    2. don’t dehumanize undocumented immigrants by calling them ‘illegals’.

    3. Use your intellect and insight to dig deeper and criticize the system that only cares about the elite’s wellbeing and escapes being reprimanded by making the working classes turn against each other on the basis of racism, xenophobia, etc.

    4. I stopped reading after the first paragraph because it was all nonsense and unfounded desperate claims to blame somebody for the ‘misfortunes’ of your white privileged ass.


    • RightyPunditry
      April 18, 2013

      “I stopped reading after the first paragraph …” a common tactic of Low Information people.


  2. Me
    April 18, 2013

    #2 they are illegal. They are “illegally” in the country, given the status of the law. That’s not hate, that’s a fact. That’s not dehumanizing, it’s a fact, and thus an appropriate word. You seem not to like it, the question is if you don’t like reality, aren’t you just deluding yourself?


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