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Where Did The Democrat Party Go?

I was raised to be a voting Democrat.  No browbeating, but  I remember hearing “the Democrats are for the poor and the Republicans are for the rich”.  Being young, I of course bought into the slogan.

That phrase is still full of accuracy, but needs to be clearly defined: “the Democrats are for the poor and the Republicans are for the rich” – meaning,”Democrats by their policies are keeping people poor; the Republicans, by their policies are for making everyone rich”.  Capitalism, free markets, individual initiative, maximum personal liberty are the cornerstone of our foundation and overall, promoted by the Republican Party.

The Democrat Party is not the Party of even 50 years ago.  Back then, they would have not of supported such ‘radial’ abortion policies.  Abortion was originally sold to the American people as “just for the health and safety of the Mother”.  Now it’s for convenience or whatever reason, or lack thereof, a woman chooses.

Most important, the Democrats weren’t such open proponents of the socialist polices that they are now.  There wasn’t spoken admiration for Hugo Chavez (socialist dictator) nor would they make excuses for a President bowing to dictators and communist around the world.  Nor would they try to convince Americans that increasing taxes was a good thing,  Something to punish the “rich”.  Nor would they push the propaganda that the “rich” were evil, greedy sob’s for having earned more money than you!  They would not tell us that having $250,000 year income (adjusted for the times) was “rich”.  It’s certainly not when that $250,000 is made by a small business supporting employees, benefits, retirement, taxes and a family.

Even big spending Democrats like Sen. Ted Kennedy and the Sen. Harry “the liar” Reid were against abortion at one time.  Now, the Democrats have rightfully become ‘the Party of Death’, screaming at anyone who speaks of controlling the tremendous number of abortions which take place in a year. Republicans are called “radial”, “extreme”, foolish Bible thumbing, “bitter clingers”, “clinging to their guns and Bibles”, which at one time, was the majority in the nation.  And that obscene comment, slurring Americans was from a President.  A President who voted for infanticide.

We should all be shocked.  Sadly, we’re not.

I realized long, long ago, in a good part due to my Christian faith, that I was a political Conservative.  Christian principles are in our Declaration of Independence, supported by our Founding Fathers (regardless of how much that’s denied by Liberals) and to a degree (which is fading) in the Republican Party.

It’s disheartening to see that the Democrats willfully evolve into a Socialist Party.  And in spite of all their denying, lying and name calling – facts won’t change.  They are.  They desire an expansive, controlling government with the power to dole out Food Stamps, Unemployment, health care and just about everything  else we can imagine.  All in the name of “social justice” and a false sense of “equality”.  They’re believers – in themselves and their power.  They are frantically working on establishing an European style Socialist- America, which can only be doomed to failure, as it has everywhere it’s been imposed.  A failure for the vast majority.  There will always be the cronies clinging to their  government friends, who will do just fine and flourish.

I’m afraid my children and grandchild have a bleak future.  They’ll have Liberals and Democrats to thank, if they’re not afraid or too intimidated by to speak ‘truth to power’.  The old USSR was a evil empire  – which has moved West.

I can hope and pray, that we can change America back to America.  But with millions of illegals demanding free this and that; with so many citizens taught to expect government to provide everything from food, housing and free cell phones, I’m not hopeful.  We can make the change for the better, but it will take more than voting for Republicans – we must have Constitutional Conservative Republicans unless that bright light that has been American, is turned off.



4 comments on “Where Did The Democrat Party Go?

  1. justturnright
    August 23, 2012

    Well said!

    Having been raised in New England, and also having lived in several other Democrat strongholds since, I’ve witnessed the movement of the party towards Socialism for many years now. The sad thing is that, until quite recently, many of the generational Democrats didn’t give their party affiliation much thought: they were Democrats, even though their party didn’t actually espouse ANY of the ideals and values by which they personally lived.

    I’m seeing that change, however. This year there will be a significant shifting of voters away from the D’s, much as there was in 2010.
    Count on it.


    • RightyPunditry
      August 23, 2012

      Thanks for your Reply! I’m in Texas, still fairly Conservative, but living in a big city, filled with socialist Democrats. I hope the change you see will come to fruition – informed voters are our only hope for a future, very much in danger.


      • justturnright
        August 23, 2012

        Agreed, RP.
        Although my observations are anecdotal, obviously, I have enough of them (from enough different areas) to feel pretty confident. The pendulum always swings both ways, and it’s been swinging against us for years. It’s starting to swing back, and blogs like yours will simply add momentum to that movement.

        Glad I found your blog. I’m following now, and I’ll be back.


  2. shollyac
    August 23, 2012

    Modern day politics and the left right
    paradigm are just divide and conquer so if you were raised to be a Democrat you were set up from the beginning to be a slave to this globalist banker owned system.


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