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Should We Have A “Mandatory Voting Law”?

Whatever happened to American exceptionalism? Liberal abhorrence of the concept has been well-documented in the past. One of the latest examples can be found at Time Ideas, where Eric Liu has published a case for mandatory voting laws. Liu never outright admits as much, but it’s abundantly clear he feels such a policy would help elect more liberal Democrats to office and hence put the country further leftward than it would otherwise be.

Of course, forcing a person to vote is a fundamental invasion of an individual’s right to be left alone, something liberals who value the Supreme Court-discovered constitutional “right to privacy” are supposed to cherish. Nonetheless, Liu joins the majority of the panel from the MSNBC show The Cycle in advocating for a left-wing social engineering effort.

“If everyone in America voted, President Obama would be on his way to a second term,” the Washington Post’s Aaron Blake recently lamented. “If people don’t vote, their candidate preferences won’t have an impact. And these Americans clearly aren’t paying attention to politics, only 39 percent can identify Joe Biden as the current vice president.”   Read more: here

Liu, is a Liberal with an agenda.

He told me to vote for the Democrat

What sort of buffoonery could suggest that America become a refection of the ‘rest of the world’?  “Mandatory voting” (wink wink) is what transpires in 3rd world, dictatorial controlled countries.  It’s not the American way.  Here every citizen legally allowed to vote, can vote.  Those not interested in the process, don’t vote.  And that’s the way it should be.

People who get their political news from the likes of Jon Stewart, David Letterman or a Stephen Colbert  and have no idea who the Vice President is, have no business getting near a voting booth!  But of course, they do  –  which explains the election of most Democrats.  Besides, our voting privilege  has worked for over 200 years and there’s no need for a mandatory requirement to appease Democrats afraid of losing elections.  That’s the Marxist Way, not the American way.

The chaos which would be created by “mandatory voting” is unimaginable.  Not only registered voters would be voting (those who can legally vote) but a massive expansion of fraud.  Which, coincidentally, is what Democrats want.  It’s an insulting idea.  And a dangerous one as  we lost control of the process, as the System became overwhelmed with fraud.

But this is also something that might suddenly become law, were Barack Hussein Obama given a second, ‘untethered’ term of illegal and constitutional Executives orders.  His continued dismissal of our Congressional branch of government is nothing to be taken lightly.



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