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Some Women Are Just Not Content To Be Women

I demand an end to Pep Boys!  Is this place controlled by a bunch of misogynist?  Why isn’t the name something more gender neutral like Pep People?  Don’t they think woman need tires? And men’s bathrooms – what woman hater came up with that logic?  As a woman, I demand the same proctological rights as any man!

OK, got the point?  No?

Augusta National Golf Club was foolish enough to cave to the feminazi’s and all other Liberal hags, demanding a privately owned club allow women in their midst.  And thus spoiling the entirety behind being a “men’s club” (here) .   They should have held firm and told the boobs to bob on down the road.  There are plenty of ‘private’ clubs allowing women to play golf or ogle tennis instructors.  But men have the right, if not the obligation’, to retain private areas of their own.

Do we hear demands from men requesting to be a Miss America or Miss USA contestant?  Beside Perez Hilton or Richard Simmons, of course.  Do men demand to play women’s soccer or football?

As a woman, I’m embarrassed by all these semi- radical feminist who are nothing but boisterous, misinformed, self-centered broads.  Woman aren’t in jeopardy of losing standing or status around the office water cooler. And it’s rare to have a legitimate and legal case of discrimination anymore.  Who’d dare do so and have multi- million dollar law suites looming, not to mention facing a haglett like Gloria Allred.

These feminazi’s aren’t anywhere near the majority of women in America.  But simply the ones seeking attention and who are loud, bored and have more political connected.  They’re also silly and foolish.

Most of us on the feminine side of human beings (disregarding Perez and Richard again) are very content, if not downright happy about having a door opened for us, having the man kill the bugs, change the tires and other common courtesy bestowed by ‘gentlemen’.  There is a gender gap, which is appreciated and desired  –  by woman, the true feminist, not concerned about being men.



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