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Republicans And Pundits Seem Eager To Give Missouri Democrat The Election Over A Solid Conservative

“I’m announcing today that we’re going to stay in!” is the latest post on Akin’s Facebook page, dating from Monday evening. Akin made the comment on Sean Hannity’s radio show earlier Monday, adding that he felt he was still the “strongest” candidate to beat incumbent Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill.”   Read more: here

I’ve been holding my tongue, or fingers, while reading the public lynching of Republican candidate Todd Akin and his rather foolish comments.  My fingers got fed up.

The correct part of what Akin said is that very few pregnancy ever come about from rape.  Rape and incest are two of the acts which most people boldly pronounce as a ‘woman’s right’ to abort the guilty child, without even so much as a trial to prove said child’s complacency in the process. Sounds “extreme”?  It is when you don’t consider human life ‘sacred’.  I don’t find many exceptions to the willful killing of the unborn; but then, I don’t force my views on anyone else either.  The fact remains: the unborn life had no involvement in getting into the womb.

As for Atkin’s comment that “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down”,  I don’t know if anyone has any medical information to prove that remark is correct!  Just the fact that few pregnancy ever result from rape or incest – but correctly, some do.  One was the extremely talented singer Ethel Waters.  I think her choice would to have been born?

What I find annoying is the double standard Republicans and Democrats alike, dole out time and time again.

Akin said something which can be concluded as ‘stupid’.  Has Joe Biden not?  What about Barack Obama and his “corpse man”?  What about the list of 50 names we could quickly come up with which have said stupid, dumb remarks or outlandish lies?

Republicans have this need to throw another Republican under the bus while the body is still warm.  No need for discussion.  No waiting for an explanation or apology, just throw the offender off a cliff and cry, “What a good boy, am I!  I abandon my own!”  Obviously Republicans seem to believe in abortion of the living politician.  This is done in some wayward, fanatical idea of proving to Democrats, the unprovable –  how righteous and correct they are.  Hog wash.

One thing you can say about Democrats, they love their skank politicians.  From (accused rapist) Bill Clinton down the list to (drug user) Marion Barry, they continue to back them and their illegal, criminal deeds.  Just once, I’d like to see Republicans do the same.  What Akin said isn’t criminal – just a little unacceptable… to the majority of abortion lovers.

Sen. Claire McCaskill is a liberal “Obamacare” loving Democrat, who needs to be defeated.  And now the entire Republican establishment and railing’ talking-heads’ just gave her another election.  Unless voters are smarter than we give them credit for.



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