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West Nile Virus Spraying Hysteria

Thursday night, Dallas County launched two planes filled with mosquito-killing chemicals, in an air assault on the West Nile virus……the county has declared a public health emergency over West Nile with 10 recorded deaths this season, more than all other North Texas counties combined.

More than 500 people have contracted the West Nile virus throughout all of North Texas. Nearly half of those cases have been in Dallas County.  here

There’s been a good deal of resistance by all the usual suspects –  the over sensitive, feelgooders- dogooders, who are more concerned about the death of a mosquito family, little bugs and the unaware, defenseless fish, than the people who’ve died or been hospitalized for encephalitis from West Nile Virus.  Maybe that’s not fair to the feelgooders– environmental types, but the health of people is more important that bugs.  Of course, that’s just my opinion.

But it has been the ‘goofy environmentalist’ who stoked fear and worry over a little spraying, when there need not have been any.  It’s they who believe it must be ‘all natural’ or all nothing.  We tried ‘natural’ and mosquitoes have flourished.

Some extreme environmentalist brought law suites and injunctions to stop the spraying, but fortunately the Dallas Mayor used his authority and forged ahead.   Honestly, if you read, check and take the time to be informed, this insecticide is safe. It’s sold under the name Duet and breaks down naturally in sunlight and water.  And it’s supposed to be a proven, effective homiciding of them dang sketters.

There’s no need to duct tape your doors and run for the Hazmat suites.  And yes, we’ve had a few people doing just that.

I grew up with nightly spraying in the good ole summer time, trucks driving down the streets, spraying insecticide willy- nilly.  I grew up without seat-belts and child restrain harnesses and those little gadgets you put in electrical sockets. We survived very well.


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