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Some Border Agents Are Forced To Use ‘Bean Bag’ Bullets

Confirmed: Border Patrol Agents Fired Beanbags Against ATF-Enabled ARs

The indictment against the man accused of killing U.S. Border Patrol Agent Terry was finally unsealed in Arizona District Court today. Manuel Osorio-Arellanes is charged with second-degree murder, three counts of assault of a federal officer, four counts of using a firearm to commit a violent crime, three counts of re-entry of a deported alien and two counts of illegally possessing a firearm.

After his death, officials said Terry was not one of the agents firing beanbag rounds. They claim he was carrying both an HK P2000 handgun and an M4 rifle when he was gunned down.

But the question remains: what the hell were U.S. federal law enforcement agents doing on the Mexican border equipped with beanbag rounds at the ready? What ** bureaucrat decided to send the good guys into harms’ way—into an area known for “rip crews” that prey on drug smugglers—with non-lethal rounds? More    here

Those names which are (currently) missing, but should be included on the Indictment are Barack Hussein Obama and co-conspirators Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano.  ‘The Buck Stops Here’, doesn’t seem to apply to this administration, unless attempting to ‘take credit’ for something it, or he, didn’t do.

But what lunatic bureaucrat came up with the idea of having American Border Agents using bean-bag bullets?  Liberalism is  ‘touchy feeling’ the country to its own demise.

Servicemen stationed on U.S. bases aren’t allowed to carry weapons –  odd, since having weapons and being armed, is the entire idea of our military!  Had these men been rightfully armed, it is more likely Nidal Hasan would have been taken out before he finished his slaughter at Ft Hood.

Some Border Agents are facing well armed illegals and the Mexican drug cartel, who have access to all sorts of weaponry.  And our Agents are using bean bags.  They might sting and the receiver of a ‘baggy bullet’ might get a bruise; but with the possibility that our Agents are facing an AK47, they should all have real firepower.

Why is liberalism always ready to sacrifice those making a personal sacrifice to serve their country, just to discover it was their own government supplying the firepower that’s attempting to kill them.

Distribute real bullets.  We’re not playing games.  We’re fighting an enemy.


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