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According To Leftist Media Matters, Navy SEALs Are “Gutless”

Media Matters senior fellow Eric Boehlert said on Thursday that a group of former Navy SEALS “don’t have guts” after the special forces operators launched a media campaign condemning the Obama administration’s national security leaks.

“#kindalame former Navy SEALs don’t have guts to admit they’re running a GOP, anti-Obama campaign; http://nyti.ms/N2nYYj Boehlert wrote on Twitter Thursday morning.

The group Boehlert lashed out at is called the Special Operations OPSEC Education Fund and it’s composed of former U.S. intelligence and specials forces operators. They describe themselves as non-partisan and finger the current president as an example of a politician who uses national security secrets for political gain.

Scott Taylor is a former Navy SEAL of eight and a half years, and was a 2010 GOP candidate for Congress. He is now a member of the Special Operations OPSEC Education Fund.   Taylor responded to Boehlert’s tweet in a phone interview with The Daily Caller and said that his group of special forces operators is “clearly not gutless.”

“We’re clearly not gutless. We’re in the public right now, completely out there,” Taylor said. “Everything’s out there. It’s interesting how the left is trying to frame this as a partisan issue. I don’t care what party people are from within our group,” Taylor said. “This issue is about national security leaks.
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Media Matters and unfortunately, most Representative Democrats and all Liberals, have little to no concern over “security leaks” — not when there’s a Democrat President.  The partisanship always glows it’s brightest when Democrats are in control of the White House or Congress.

In the last 12 months,  there has been an unprecedented number of “security leaks” from this government and from Obama himself.  Obama willingly divulged ‘secret’ information which could jeopardize past, current and future operations by our military and CIA.  He was seeking fame, glory, recognition and praise for himself, which was clearly displayed after killing bin Laden, when he made his public address.  The speech consisted of multi “I’s” with little recognition going to those doing the real job, our military.

But whoever says our Navy SEALs “don’t have guts”, is exhibiting the mind of a lunatic- hate monger, who would never have the courage to do what our SEALs do, on a daily basis.


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