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Democrat VP Joe Biden’s “Inartfully” Insinuates Mitt Romney Is A Racist. Where’s The “Civility” Mr. President?

As the broadcast network evening newscasts on Tuesday gave attention to Vice-President Joseph Biden asserting that Mitt Romney, by “unchaining” Wall Street would effectively “put y’all back in chains,” only CBS’s Bob Schieffer informed viewers that about half the audience in Danville, Virginia, was African-American, thus suggesting the Vice-President was making an embarrassing pander to black audience members who likely have ancestors who used to be “in chains.” (cut)
After a soundbite of Biden’s “chains” comment, Muir continued:

The Obama campaign says, while perhaps inartfully phrased, that Republicans have long used a similar metaphor, “unshackling the private sector.” The Romney campaign saying, “We now know the President is willing to say Romney wants to put people back in chains.”  Read more of the VP race mongering antics: here

“Inartfully phrased”?  (we’ll skip over the minutia that the correct word would be ‘unartfully’ – and that we’re reasonably sure ‘inartfully’ isn’t even a legitimate word.  These are Democrats, after all)   But, that’s rather like calling the Titanic ‘a slightly used boat but ready for sale’.

We know how Democrats act and react.  Just as we’re familiar with their failures to apology for some of the most vile and uncivil political speech oppressing the country.  They continue to believe they can say and do anything with barely a ripple of repercussions – which is usually the case!  The biased ‘old’ news media all but ignores, makes excuses and apologies for them.

But it’s a pretty nasty insinuation directed at Mitt Romney, and it was done with intent to fire up an audience of black Americans.  I dare say, Joe ‘buffoon’ Biden would never mention the fact that all the big racist and KKK members in the South — were all Democrats.



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