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‘Papa John’ Schnatter Newest Terrorist In Liberals War Against Food

 “Since when does serving up junk food give someone a license to preach?” carped Petula Dvorak as she opened her August 14 piece, “Now featuring filet o’ fracas.”*

(Gee, I dunno, Petula, maybe 1791, when the First Amendment — you know, that pesky little document that guarantees freedom of speech and religion among other things — was ratified.)

“We’ve got the Papa John’s pizza guys weighing in on the health-care debate, while the burger slingers out West at In-N-Out can’t serve up a cheeseburger without a Bible verse,” Dvorak carped. Later in her Metro section column, she essentially compared the pizza chain to drug-running terrorists.”   Read more: here

This is so typical of the Liberal mind.  So dangerous that it should be classified as a ‘serious contagion’.  The next step would be to get these people confined and treated.  Perhaps 8 hr days of Rush Limbaugh and Ronald Reagan, for starters.

Americans, making a living selling food to consumers are “terrorist” to Liberals.  And ‘mohammad forbid’, that they make the gargantuan mistake of speaking their mind and not conforming to ‘political correctness’, demanded by people like Dvorak.  That’s anathema and possibly requiring containment at Guantanamo Bay with a little water-boarding thrown in for good measure.

This is insanity, propagated by the insane of the Left.  Long gone is any rationale or civility.  Once a Liberal deems something perverse or politically incorrect, like “fast food” and moral standards, you’re on the ‘enemy list’ and to be silenced.  And once that bridge of Politically Incorrectness is crossed, the Leftist goons are not far behind.  I suspect Ms.  Dvorka is one of those goons.  Just as I’m sure, Ms Dvorka believes most of us appreciate being ‘preached at’ by the vacant mindset of a ‘Libobot’, like Petual.

But ‘Papa John’, the Pizza man, a terrorist?  Don’t think so.


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