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Chris Matthews Tiresome Ignorant Attack On Conservative Principles

CHRIS MATTHEWS: You know what Ryan believes in? Getting rid of the cap-gains tax, period!  So he’s a rad—he’s not just a middle-of-the-road guy who wants to make the tough decisions—he’s a guy who wants to help out the winners in society, and make it a little rough for people that are riding along, depending on the government.  He doesn’t like those people.  Especially. No, no. I think he’s Ayn Rand –”      More mind killing Liberalism: here

I believe Matthews viewers are now down to double digits, but that’s on a good day.  Matthews isn’t just dumb, he’s willfully and braggadociously dumb.

I’m always curious as to whether these Leftist loons believe the muck they regurgitate, are just reciting DNC provided talking points, or willfully lie.  Most likely the truth lies some where in the middle of the aforementioned.  Because, honestly, you can’t be ‘smart’ and be a Liberal.  That’s like saying a cat is a dog who meow’s.

Conservatives want all people, regardless of race, color, ethnicity, religious background or lack thereof, to succeed in whatever business endeavor they choose.

We don’t want people living on Welfare, Food Stamps, WIC and government handouts to a few of their chosen ones.  The very meaning of ‘success’ is to move past that.  We want everyone to have the opportunity to do their best, make as much money as they can and keep the maximum amount from their labors.  Which means lower taxes for everybody.

But for people like Chris Matthews, the easiest solution is to lie; to tout the lie that Conservatives and Republicans want only to ‘give money to rich’ and punish the less rich. Same ole, same ole propaganda – which has been handed down from every communist, oppressive dictatorship since the beginning of time.  The same polices and propaganda which reside within the Democrat Party.


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