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Obama, “Operation Fast And Furious” And Assassins

Drug cartel operatives used weapons from Operation Fast and Furious in a failed attempt to assassinate a high-ranking Mexican law enforcement official, the El Paso Times reports in an article that follows up on an initial report from Breitbart News’ Mary Chastain.

The gun — which “was seized in Tijuana in connection with a drug cartel’s conspiracy to kill the police chief of Tijuana, Baja California, who later became the Juárez police chief” — is tied to Fast and Furious.”  read more about Obama’s  FF assassin plot:  here

It just couldn’t get any better than this!  Our own little Barack, connected to an assassination plot by less than 6 degrees of separation!

And we thought him taking out bin Laden was a big deal . . . it was just the beginning!  There might not be any stopping our new Hero!  ( Mitt Romney, you better watch your back)


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