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When Is Murder Not Murder

She cut the arms off of her own living baby

A Texas woman who was found innocent by reason of insanity after cutting off her baby’s arms has been working at a store outside Dallas.

Dena Schlosser made national headlines in 2004 after her 10-month-old daughter’s death. She told psychiatrists that God had told her to do it. Schlosser was committed to a state mental hospital after her trial, per Texas law.  …. she was released in 2008 after a judge said she no longer needed hospitalization, but she was committed again in 2010. A Walmart spokeswoman says Schlosser, who now uses the last name Laettner, was hired in June.’  full story:  here

Ms Schlosser (Laetstner) was recently fired, after Walmart learned who she was.  The next question will be, how soon will she retain a lawyer and sue for discrimination. geeeez

This was a horrible, shocking story.  And now this woman, who so viciously murdered her own child and spent an entire two years in a ‘mental hospital’, is free because a psychiatrist decided she was ‘well’.

I don’t think much of psychiatry.  These doctors hyper- delve into what they suppose are mysterious mental conditions or ‘illnesses’, when in actually, a lot of these conditions are simply basic human nature.  Human nature is not all sweetness and light.  A crime is a crime.  Murder is murder. Crazy is believing your an ostrich.  This woman is a murderer, who had the rational to call 911 and report what she did.  And possibly a smart defense?

We tend to call people ‘crazy’ or ‘insane’ when we can’t believe what they’d done.  When there’s no rationality behind the wicked deed.  But the simple and most direct answer is also usually the correct one.  A crime is a crime.

There’s no way this woman should be wandering the street or working anywhere, still capable of breeding and killing offspring because she had a bad day.  She should be in prison, or a ‘mental prison, serving 25 to life sentence for murder.  We need to get feelings and most psychiatric evaluations out of the law and let the law speak for itself.



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