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How The Left Rushes To Blame The “Right- Wing” While Ignoring Their Own Despicable Acts

The recent Temple shooter in Wisconsin was quickly classified as a “right-wing extremist” and “Neo- Nazi” radical by the liberal media.    here

Nidal Hasan, a proven Islamic “extremist”, guilty of murdering 13 people and wounding 29 others in a Jihadist, terrorist act in Texas, was classified as “work place violence” by the Obama government and the obedient liberal media.  The government still refuses to cal Hasan a terrorist.  here

Tea Party Event

After the recent Aurora shooting, ABC and it’s political operatives of the DNC, immediately, falsely and without any evidence, tied the shooter to the (right-wing) “Tea Party”.   here

Obama’s government made a point of classing “right-wing” citizen and our “returning military” as “potential terrorist”.  here

Occupy Violence

Never once do Liberals nor this Obama government, make correlations with terrorist acts, violence or crimes with the ‘left-wing’ –  from which it correctly emanates.

The Tea Party never committed ‘acts of violence’.

Occupy Violence

The Occupy Wall Street, left-wing by any definition, has committed multiple “acts of violence” which are readily dismissed or provided ample excuses, by the left-wing controlled media.   here

These are all equally despicable, vile and intentional assaults against Americans who have solid, constitutionally found values, and are proud to be called “right-wing”.  It’s also an accurate reflection of Barack Obama, his government and the political bias of our corrupt news media.  It’s also very tiring.



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