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Are “Dirty” Harry Reid’s Tax Ramblings A Felony?

Dem. Senator Harry Reid’s Perp Walk of Shame

Should Senate Republicans take steps to officially Censure Democrat Sen. “Dirty” Harry Reid.  What Reid has done, and there can be little doubt that it was done at the bequest of “the White House”, is use his authority and government office to slander a private citizen.  He presented no proof, no evidence and no name behind his accusations. . .  just the ramblings of his own mind – or that of the White House.

In a (non official) poll take by the Mark Levin (radio) show – 97% favor Republicans taking steps to censure Reid, and 3% oppose  (it appears Reid got his family to partake.) find out more: here

Despite the unfounded allegations of Reid, Pelosi, many Democrats and the biased ‘old’ news media, there is no “controversy” over Romney’s tax returns.  This is clearly a gutter attack, which has no substance, and has been orchestrated by Obama and/ or his campaign.

Let’s be clear, it is in no way up to Mitt Romney to play into the hands of these ‘enemies’ by releasing any more private tax information, which Democrats will pick at like vultures.

A motion to censure ” ….reflects on a member’s conduct or character, or is discourteous, unnecessarily harsh, or not allowed in debate. It is a reprimand, aimed at reformation of the person and prevention of further offending acts.  Serious grounds for censure against an individual are: arrogation or assumption by the presiding officer of dictatorial powers – powers not conferred upon him by law – by which he harasses, embarrasses and humiliates members.”

Gov. Romney is not a member of the House.  This is worse in that he is a private citizen, having his character viciously attacked by a presiding Majority Leader of the U.S. Senate.  And any investigation on tax evasion, is left up to the IRS  –  not a politically motivated Democrat.  Do we really think Romney would be this stupid?  Or the IRS this neglectful?

And yet, how could he?  Tax returns are private by law. And as I understand, what Reid has done, could be a felony. “Internal Revenue Code §7216 is a criminal provision enacted by the U.S. Congress in 1971 that prohibits preparers of tax returns from knowingly or recklessly disclosing or using tax return information” (read more IRS code here)

There should be a move to censure . . . and investigate Harry Reid.  Make him prove his unidentified source comes from somewhere other than his dark, politically motivated mind and the White House ‘war room’. And if he’s broken U.S. law, let him be perp walked out of the Senate.



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