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CNN Interjects Racist Agenda To Help Obama

“Do you think that having an African-American president is actually reigniting some of these old prejudices?” CNN’s Zoraida Sambolin asked former Ambassador Andrew Young who helped draft the 1965 Voting Rights Act

“…. there are concerns about the African-American turnout, as we’ve been talking about. Do you think the low turnout could hurt the president?” she asked Young.

And Sambolin injected race into the conversation from the beginning. “With America’s first black president up for reelection this November, the conversation about voting rights has been reignited. 30 states are currently enforcing some form of voter ID law which many civil rights advocates say is an effort to suppress the minority vote,” she began her report.More irrational Democrat talking points found: here

Let’s clarify.  Ms Sambolin brought up race and voter ID to “interjected” her preconceived agenda into an interview.  And that agenda is to intimidate voters by insinuating they’re racist if they’re not supporting Obama.

Not a particularly unbiased approach.  CNN seems to be lacking in the ‘fair and balance’ category.

Voter “rights” has come up in states which have detected growing problems regarding voter fraud. Voter fraud steals the “rights” of all Americans.  I don’t know if Ms Sambolin is ill-informed, uninformed or simply repeating Democrat talking points (or all of the above).  There is no correlation between states requiring photo ID and the disdain the majority of Americans have for Obama and his failed policies, except in the bigoted mind of Liberals, who are fearful of black Americans leaving the Democrat controlled government plantation.

Those people hovering over Obama’s skin color, have always been the Democrats.  Republicans and Conservative concentrate on issues – something repugnant to most Democrats.  And especially in light of their growing concern that Obama has no positive issue to run on.  They fall back on the proven attack of waving the race card.   To them, it’s just another tool to beat Americans over the head with.  But just as obviously, the political bigots who continue down the Road To Racism 2012, lay on the Liberal side of the isle.   Spreading fabricated racism is one of their steadfast, reliable issues.



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