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Homosexual “Kiss- In” Might Be A Bust

The second (gay) campaign encourages members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community to participate in a same-sex “kiss-in” Friday at Chick-fil-A outlets nationwide. Both events — as well as overarching calls to boycott the company — have the backing of GLAAD.” here

I’m sure the crowds will be vast and voluminous for the ‘gay- in, kiss- in’ event, that the radical Left has slotted for today.  I believe it’s today . . . I haven’t seen, read or been otherwise informed of any massive numbers of homosexuals descending on Chick- fil- A.  At least, not thus far.

I also don’t recall ever being in a Chick- fil- A when normal, heterosexual couples insisted on making out in a protest for traditional marriage.  But as we now realize, the radicals in Leftist movements have decided we all must participate in their idea and agenda of ‘marriage’ and everything else under the sun.

I won’t let their protest- mooching event get in my way of delightful waffle fries.  Although, I do wonder how they think they’ll win people to their cause with such silly displays of ‘affections’.  Displays which might cause the kids or grand-kids to ogle and giggle.  All for wanting a sandwich.

But that is precisely the reaction these radicals want – disgust, revulsion, contempt and hateful comments (just as they themselves have produced).  What is more likely to happen is that they’ll be simply ignored (ooooh, the sting!) or worst of all –  prayed for.


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