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Birthday Greetings For Barack!

Our dearly beloved, first ‘blame it on Bush’, “you didn’t build that” President, Barack Hussein Obama is having a birthday tomorrow, and no, it won’t be in Kenya, his “home country”.  And as far as I’ve heard, none of his illegal relatives living in America were invited to his party.  He must be very depressed about that . . .

So, cheer up Barack!  Instead of giving Barack what he wants (MORE of YOUR money) how about sending him a Birthday greeting, courtesy of the RNC?  Sounds like a great idea, no?!

Don’t delay.  Get your lovely RNC provided card for little Barack while they’re still hot!   here

One comment on “Birthday Greetings For Barack!

  1. blessings
    October 12, 2012

    Indeed I think you deserve all the blessings and all your dreams will come true. Happy Birthday from Israel


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