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GM calls it the greatest concentration of Chevrolet Volts in the world.

OnStar and General Motors have become official partners of Pecan Street Inc., the country’s first nonprofit research and development consortia, where residents agreed to be part of a clean-energy smart grid test for sustainable living. The Mueller community, 3 miles outside Austin, provides a real-life lab for the automaker to observe charging patterns and how consumers and clean-energy technologies interact and support electric-vehicle charging. The project runs for five years.

While Chevrolet made 100 Volts available, only 55 of the community residents took advantage of the various tax credits, including a $7,500 federal tax credit and a $7,500 rebate from Pecan Street on their Volt purchases. Those leasing a Volt for three or more years received a $3,000 rebate.  here

It’s a bit embarrassing that this super-sillious “clean- energy” Mueller community is happening in Texas, but Texas did have a tremendous influx of Liberals and Democrats during the Jimmy Carter depression.  These people like to reside in the bigger cities, closer to the Welfare office and those mega- sized business towers.  Both provide access to deep pockets of cash.  But anyway . . .

It’s telling that only  55 of those electric, watch- out- for- the- exploding- engine vehicles were latched onto by these temporary residents of ‘green village’.   And it’s very possible the $7,500 FEDERAL TAX CREDITS and REBATES had a lot to do with those decisions.  These Government Motors toy cars are not selling to Americans very well and it appears they can’t easily be given away, either.

Good luck with that Mueller experiment.  But please don’t come running to TXU Electric when your windmill gives out and you find yourselves sweltering in the 105 degree Texas summer heat.


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